Neurosurgery ~ Day #1


~Waiting, staying warm, & being distracted before the surgery~

Surgery is done, Noelle is settled in her room, and we could not be more grateful to God for how He orchestrated events today.  Nothing really went as predicted, but we were mentally prepared for that since it is typical of hospital schedules.  Noelle’s surgery started approximately three hours later than planned, and the little trooper did great even though she had not eaten since eight o’clock last night.  The surroundings made her nervous {as usual, since she typically gets stuck with a needle in one way or another at most doctor appointments}; but about an hour before the surgery they administered a drug that made her relaxed and drowsy, making the rest of the pre-surgery process much easier on both baby and mommy!  The “see you later” was not my favorite part of the day, but even that went more smoothly than we expected, and Noelle handled the transition better than ever before.  Then the waiting began.  Thankfully, we had many friends and family checking on us, praying for us, coming by and visiting us, and encouraging us all throughout the day.  The time passed relatively fast with periodic updates from the OR that all was going well; and another three hours later, the neurosurgeon was standing in front of us with the full report of all that had transpired.  Of course his first words were that they had experienced a couple of unexpected complications; but he was quick to clarify that they were not too serious, only causing them to take longer than they originally expected.  The cord had not been attached as simply as they had hoped and required additional thought, time, and precision; but the end result was that they were able to successfully release the spinal cord, for which we are thankful.  The other issue that occurred was some small skin tearing as they removed some of the surgical drapes {which is not desired since it is prone to infection, but which can be common in young pediatric patients}.  This will be carefully watched along with the surgical site over the next few days, but we are hopeful that proper care will aid a quick healing process.  Noelle came back to us extubated {we never even had to see the breathing tube or ventilator this time!} which has never happened with any of her past surgeries, so we were especially thankful and thrilled for this added blessing.  We are now adjusting in a new way since we are accustomed to ventilator noises and monitor alarms consistently sounding for at least a few days after such a procedure.  Our room is now very quiet in comparison!  As we have settled into the evening and Noelle has begun to awaken, she has shown both positive signs of her normal self as well as negative signs that she is indeed in a fair amount of pain.  We are relieved that she seems to be easily distracted most of the time, and her pain is being managed as much as possible with medications.  We will continue to update over the next few days as she begins the healing process, but we thank you for your love, support, and prayers through this time.  We have been nothing but encouraged throughout the day, and God was more than gracious to us along the way.  We are once again humbled by His goodness and faithfulness to us.


***We will share more pictures soon as we have more time and energy***


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  1. Nelly December 14, 2013 at 4:31 AM #

    Praying for precious Noelle. May God fill your hearts with his peace and joy. Praying for fast recovery, May God help Noelle grow up strong and healthy and may he fill her with his wisdom. I love Noelle she is so precious. 🙂

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